Managed cloud services

Traditional Managed IT is dead with LeapForward and CompleteCloud.


With LeapForward and CompleteCloud, you’ll never have to buy another PC again. How so? Thanks to our "thin clients,” your computer is completely virtual and is linked to data centers. These data centers are comprised of interlinked super-computers that replicate your existing PC and will eliminate the drain on your resources from constantly updating and replacing equipment.

Think about IT; the value to your business’ information technology is in what it “does” – not what it “is”. Yet companies spend more resources on buying, maintaining and updating IT than the very thing they’re in business to do.

LeapForward and CompleteCloud have helped businesses across the country reduce costs, enhance security, improve disaster recovery, increase efficiency and performance and eliminate costly hardware purchases. LeapForward and CompleteCloud delivers everything you’re accustomed to and rely on IT for while freeing your company from the endless burden of capital investment, maintenance and keeping things up-to-date. The utility services model also allows your business to purchase only the technology that you use from a month-to-month basis, enabling you to stay flexible and effective.

With LeapForward and CompleteCloud, you’re not tied to your desk, either. Your data, your work and your computer are all now accessible. Your computer runs just like it was sitting right next to you on your desk, except that your software and data all reside safe and sound with LeapForward and CompleteCloud.


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