Direct Scan


Scanning a document into a network folder should be simple. You shouldn't be bogged down with clunky routing utilities or forced to press twenty buttons in order to execute a job. With DirectScan, you can scan documents at the touch of a button and there's absolutely no utilities or software to install. 



Scan Tag


ScanTag is an exclusive feature on Muratec MFPs and enables users to add metadata to scanned documents from the touchscreen. Competing desktop solutions require the additional of hardware and/or software connectors that can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the device. 

ScanTag is integrated with leading document management solutions such as:

  • Docuware
  • Doculex
  • InfoDynamics INTAC
  • iDatix
  • Prism Software
  • Square 9 Softworks SmartSearch
Email Gateway

Email Gateway

Kill the fax line! That's been the mantra as companies look to eliminate costs from their organizations. But what happens when a fax needs to be sent? Network fax servers offer tremendous performance and long-term costs savings when compared to traditional analog faxes; however, the process of sending physical documents though these solutions have never been user friendly (to put it nicely).

That's where Email Gateway from Muratec steps in. This powerful tool enables customers to walk up and send a fax document through a network fax server, without altering their traditional procedures. Enter the fax number and press the green button. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Communication Archiving

When it comes to security, your company has thought of everything: Access cards are required to enter the building. Cameras are set up strategically to monitor activity. Firewalls are created, password policies are in place, hard drives are wiped and every phone call and email is archived for compliance. 

But what about the fax machine sitting in the corner? Can anyone just walk up, send a fax and leave? Do you know who sent the fax, what was sent and was the transmission a success?

With communication archiving on Muratec MFPs, you can not only restrict machine access via password, but every email and fax sent from the machine will be archived helping you maintain an audit trail of activity.