Digital finishing systems

It's one thing to produce the amazing digital label and package printers, but the game changer is how your labels get finished for these presses. Custom die cut your labels, laminate them, and best of all, do it all in the same production run.

There's a finishing system for each of Muratec's digital label presses.

Take your packaging from plain to plain amazing.

Finisher models


Avg Speed: 10 feet/minute

Roll length: 500 ft (recommended)

Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 21"

Weight: 185 lbs

Cutter: pivoting carbide tip



Avg Speed: 30 feet/minute

Roll length: 1250 ft (recommended)

Dimensions: 58" x 59" x 32"

Weight: 450 lbs

Cutter: pivoting carbide tip



Avg Speed: 29.5 or 59 feet/minute

Roll length: 1250 ft (recommended)

Dimensions: 9.52' x 5.36' x 3.47'

Weight: 2,645 lbs

Cutter: semi-rotary magnetic cylinder



Cut Speed: 24"/second

Media width: 3.5" - 9.0"

Dimensions: 4.07' x 2.95' x 4.85'

Weight: 661 lbs

Cutter: drag knife and tangential emulation


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